Meet Fiona


Fiona’s story is a long and painful one… but her story has inspired a lot of great things to happen – a community coming together, not once, but twice, and despite all the hardships and challenges, knowing there will probably be even more in the future, Fiona’s story continues.

2017 has been a busy year for Fiona! She turned 6 in April and continues to surprise us. Her winter was a bit rocky and she was hospitalized twice for virus and infections – but not as rocky as the winter before – so we take all these little things as a win! She officially graduated from Kindergarten and will be starting Grade 1 in September. It was not long ago that we wondered if she would even get the chance to go to school at all, so to see her performing (and man, that kid can perform!) at her graduation ceremony was a big, big deal.

This summer, she has embraced the cottage life and turned into quite the little fisher-person. She loves her little Barbie fishing rod and has learned how to bait her own hook and ‘reel ’em’ in on her own. Daddy still has to help get the fish off the hook but, to be fair, I still get his help to get my fishes off the hook too 🙂

We just celebrated the 3rd anniversary of her Transplant (her re-birthday). It’s celebrated with mixed emotions. The Transplant was the treatment that ultimately saved her, but it almost killed her and left her with issues she will have to manage for the rest of her life.

But then I remember she gets to have a “rest of her life” and I feel a bit better.

The last three years with her have been charming and challenging, uplifting and soul-destroying, frustrating and joyous. She challenges us with her bold and independent nature, she charms us with her personality. She lifts us up and reminds us that she – better than anyone – has perspective and sometimes remembers things that hurt my soul. She frustrates us in the way a 6 year-old only can and that, in itself, is a source of joy.

She is six years-old, three years from her re-birthday, having experiences – and sharing all that with us. You can see in the photo above just how big and strong she is getting.

We are so very grateful for the contributions you have made to Children’s Health Foundation and the London community. I wanted you to know that your generosity has an impact on kids and families, kids like Fiona and families like ours.

There is so much darkness in this process and her retreat into it – frightened, confused and in pain – is understandable. Music helped her come back to us. The program you helped create helped her come back to us. And now? She’s not quiet anymore!

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