It takes a village…

IMG_0210The truth is that is DOES in fact take a village – to endure this process and all the ups and downs along the way. What is shocking is how big your village really is. There’s the village you expect – family, friends, neighbours. Even teachers at your kids school or co-workers who turn into more than interested cubicle mates.

We found our village has grown exponentially in the last four years. We have met people who have their own story and experience and because they are now a part of the community that gives back, that says thank-you, that tries to make something a little bit easier, a hard moment a little less dark, they become part of our tribe somehow.

I first met Gord Bamford at a cheque presentation and, to be honest, I didn’t know who he was. But I soon learned what he was doing and the role he had played in creating the Music Therapy program at London Children’s Health Foundation. The truth is that music is what could reach Fiona – it was the only thing that could reach her – when she went dark. There was a time in her treatment – and recovery and complications – when she stopped talking, she stopped interacting and went into herself.

We didn’t know if she would ever come back to us at all. Or if she did, would she be the same curious, funny, bright-eyed little firecracker she had been at the beginning.

Gord Bamford continues to support our community in lots of ways – even though he is a big-deal, country super star living in Nashville (and I know who he is and, don’t tell anybody, but I also listen to country music now and am a fan!). This year, the Gord Bamford Foundation will be generously supporting our tournament in our effort to give back to the community here in London and the kinds of programs that the Children’s Health Foundation offers.

Thanks for being part of our tribe Gord.

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